The Region XII Policy Council is comprised of 24 members, including the Executive Board. The Policy Council meets on an as-needed basis, but typically two to three times a year. The Executive Board meets monthly on Thursday closest to the 10th of the month. The Council has been set-up to approve changes or additions in all Region XII policies as well as the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Transit Development Plan (TDP), and Job Access-Reverse Commute (JARC) Plan.

Policy Council Members

Audubon County

Duane Deist

Gene Karstens

Jay Dee Mendenhall

Gary VanAernam

Carroll County

Marty Danzer

Neil Bock

Cindy Fay

Dan Nieland

Crawford County

Eric Skoog

Rachel Desy

Loren Schultz

Jane Smith

Greene County

Guy Richardson

Jane Heun

Amy Milligan

John Muir

Guthrie County

Jerry Caraher

Jerri Christman

Curtis Thornberry

Luann Waldo

Sac County

Ranell Draker

Morris Boeckman

Joan Godbersen

Elaine Rex